I-Motion: Institute Of Muscle-Oriented Translational Innovation

Research Centre for Paediatric Neuromuscular Diseases

As part of its AFM 2017 strategic plan, the AFM-Telethon wished to create a clinical research and management centre for children to facilitate the implementation of clinical trials in young patients with neuromuscular diseases.

Located at the Trousseau Hospital in Paris, I-Motion includes a neuromuscular consultation and clinical research laboratory that leads therapeutic trials and natural history studies.


  • Odile Boespflug-Tanguy
  • Raphaël Vialle


  • To conduct clinical trials with an international impact and sponsored by industrial, academic or internal partners
  • To conduct translational programs in the neuromuscular field (AIM, industrial and academic partners)
  • To develop non-invasive tools for diagnosis and evaluation
  • To contribute to patient registries and biobanks
  • To develop innovative educational approaches at national and international levels

Types of studies conducted at I-Motion

  • Studies concerning innovative therapeutic approaches (GT, CT, gene surgery); for CT: the haematology department has the required permissions
  • Pharmacological studies
  • Development of clinical evaluation criteria and identification of biomarkers
  • Observational and natural history studies
  • Interventional studies, including rehabilitation
  • Registries and databases