Type II glycogenesis (Pompe disease)

  • PTA17333 Avaglucosidase: Avalglucosidase Alfa French Post-trial Access for Participants With Pompe Disease
  • COMET: Study to Compare the Efficacy and Safety of Enzyme Replacement Therapies Avalglucosidase Alfa and Alglucosidase Alfa Administered Every Other Week in Patients With Late-onset Pompe Disease Who Have Not Been Previously Treated for Pompe Disease
  • NeoGAA: Safety and Efficacy Evaluation of Repeat neoGAA Dosing in Late Onset Pompe Disease Patients



PTA17333 Avaglucosidase



Produit expérimental Avalglucosidase alpha NeoGAA NeoGAA
Investigateur principal Anthony Behin Anthony Behin Anthony Behin
Promoteur Sanofi Genzyme Sanofi Genzyme Sanofi
Statut de l’étude Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
Statut du recrutement Ongoing Completed Completed
Population Child, Adult Child, Adult Adult
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