Clinical Trials and Databases team

The clinical trials and databases team includes three groups.

One group, led by Dr Odile Boespflug-Tanguy, is in charge of interventional research and manages clinical trials in children. Located at the Trousseau Pediatric Hospital in the I-Motion Institute, this team is composed of 3 more doctors, 8 CRAs, 4 physiotherapists, 2 managers, an occupational therapist, a quality engineer, an executive assistant and a secretaries (access to the composition of the Trousseau team and its recent publications).

The other group, specialised in non-interventional research, is in charge of databases and registries. Led by Dr Karim Wahbi, the group has another doctor and five clinical research associates (CRAs). This team is located in the Babinski building at the La Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital.


Composition of the Salpêtrière team

Karim Wahbi, cardiologist
Rabah Ben Yaou, neurologist
Khadija Chikhaoui, CRA
Nawal Berber, CRA
Nadgib Taouagh, CRA
Néjette Lallouche, ARC


Recent publications