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Tissue donation

Make a tissue donation

We need you

Is your child or are you suffering from a neuromuscular disease and you have a planned medical procedure? You can help advance research concerning your disease by allowing us to collect, via your surgeon, tissues considered “surgical remains or extras”, that are normally incinerated during an operation. With this donation, Myobank-AFM will provide research teams with tissue samples purely for scientific use.

It is very simple to participate

Contact us 72 hours before your medical procedure.
Myobank-AFM will then contact your doctor and take care of all necessary steps to ensure that the collection can proceed successfully.

Without your involvement and your consent, we cannot collect tissue samples. We are relying on you to help us advance research.

Contact Myobank-AFM

+33 6 60 32 08 36
+33 1 42 17 74 63
+33 1 42 17 75 06