Project axes

The specific projects we develop are:

  • Clinical and genetic spectrum of Myomatrix and Myonucleus-related diseases: using state of the art medium to high throughput techniques (WES, WGS, RNA-seq) we pursue the identification of new genes and variants for patients orphan of molecular diagnosis in close interaction with the NMD reference center Paris-Nord/Est/Ile de France (B Eymard), the Filnemus network, the ERN Euro-NMD as well as the European consortium Solve RD (H2020 grant 2018-2022). The goal of this axis is ultimately to transfer the knowledge acquired to diagnostic procedures in reference laboratories (e.g., Cardio-& Myogenetic Functional Unit, Hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière; Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Institut Cochin).
  • Natural history of these diseases via national and international patient registries: we further expand the patient recruitment/inclusion in national and international registries and explore in depth the natural history of our disease of interest in order to identify diagnosis and prognosis readouts and biomarkers.
  • Deciphering the structure & function of Myomatrix and Myonucleus in health and disease: using the different cellular and animal models available as well as novel models when needed, we aim to decipher further the structure and function of proteins currently known but also of new candidates identified through our investigations, i.e. A-type lamins and related nuclear envelope components, Collagen VI and related extracellular matrix components. In particular, signaling pathways and molecular pathomechanisms are investigated in order to identify relevant and innovative therapeutic targets.

Regarding translation and patient benefit, these different research axes allow us to identify and characterize new genes, phenotypical spectra, related pathomechanisms and therapeutic targets.